Calibration & Design Techniques For Modern Sound Systems

D.A.S. Audio sponsor ‘Calibration & Design Techniques For Modern Sound Systems’ in London

Soulsound teamed up with D.A.S. Audio and Vortice AV to deliver a four-day seminar programme
that explored ‘Calibration & Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems’. The programme,
which is aimed at intermediate and experienced sound engineers, was held at The Crypt,
Christchurch Spitalfields, London.

Presented by experienced sound and system engineer, Merlijn van Veen, these seminars are
intended to remove the ‘magic’ surrounding sound systems. It provided participants with the
means and physical insight necessary to create predictable sound system designs, regardless of
brand and type of speaker, and then verify the results using the dual channel FFT analyser (SIM 3,
SMAART v7, SysTune, etc.).

Merlijn thoroughly investigated the complete transmission path from source to receiver in the
acoustical, electrical and psycho-acoustical domains. He explained: “After completion of the
seminar programme, sound engineers are able to provide themselves with the same reference
over and over again, like a painter who begins each painting with a blank canvas. The system
engineers are able to design a system that delivers the mixing position sound to the entire

Soulsound founder Darryn de la Soul adds: “We presented this seminar in London last year and it
was a huge success. It was great to see light bulbs switching on in people’s heads and
misconceptions being replaced with demonstrable fact.”

The ‘Calibration & Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems’ seminars took place 20-23
February 2017, between 9am and 6pm each day.