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DASaim Digital Steering

The DAS Audio engineering team has been working on adapting FIRmaker solution of AFMG to the AERO-20A and AERO-40A systems.

The result is a software solution that empowers DAS users and takes the AERO-20A and AERO-40A systems to a whole new level.

“Thanks to the powerful DSP built into the amplifiers of each AERO system, no external multi-channel processors are needed in order to have one FIR filter per cabinet. This means greater simplicity and a significant reduction in investment and set up time when compared to other solutions on the market” – Javier Navarro, Head of Engineering DAS Audio.

SPL Map at 630Hz


With DASaim technology you can achieve your desired goals in seconds:

  • Controlled SPL level with distance: from constant SPL to -6dB per double distance
  • Frequency response uniformity for the whole audience
  • Digital steering of the vertical radiation pattern of the array to the listening areas
  • Reduce the SPL in areas to be avoided like the stage or unused balconies with a few clicks
  • Simplify and speed-up your design and set-up times
  • Improve intelligibility
  • Improve and make your array more flexible without the cost of external processors, processed amplifiers, or extra cabling
  • One FIR per cabinet means maximum space resolution and control up to higher frequencies

ALTEA – Released August 2017

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ALTEA - Released August 2017

The new Altea powered systems give you more control over your sound than ever before. Thanks to the DASControl™ interface, tailoring the configuration of the Altea systems to provide the best sound possible is easy. Now, with the introduction of DASLink™, D.A.S. takes "wireless" to another dimension. DASLink™ is an all-in-one smart device app which connects with D.A.S. Altea powered systems with wireless functionality. With DASlink™, you can monitor and control numerous system functions while streaming high-definition stereo audio to Vantec or Altea systems from mobile devices. The Altea series - great sounding systems that combine the latest in pro-audio technology with impressive looks and an extraordinary set of user-friendly features. Now, take control.

Glastonbury Festival 2017

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D.A.S. Audio at the Glastonbury Festival 2017

“From the ashes of hell rises The Truth Stage”. With room for 10,000 festival-goers, the Truth Stage set up in Glastonbury’s Shangri-La hosted an eclectic mix of different performers, with headliners including Dead Kennedys, Napalm Death, Toots and the Maytals and Craig Charles.

Music throughout the night and revolution throughout the day. The Shangri-La is built entirely by garbage left at last year’s event: textiles, pillars of plastics and columns of consumerism open the way for a revolution that included discourse, documentaries and activism.

The sound at The Truth Stage was provided by a D.A.S. Audio professional sound system and performed flawlessly for over 12 hours every day over the course of the four-day festival. The massive system included 24 Aero-20A, 20 flown in a classic left-right configuration with an additional two systems on either side of the frontfill, augmented with eight UX-218A and 12 LX-118A subwoofers.

“D.A.S. Audio can be proud”, said Adam Savant from PF Events, the perfect summary of the sound engineers’ satisfaction with the systems’ performance and results. We were able to exceed the expectations of this one-of-a-kind opportunity thanks to the service offered by PF Events and Vortice AV.

Calibration & Design Techniques For Modern Sound Systems

D.A.S. Audio sponsor ‘Calibration & Design Techniques For Modern Sound Systems’ in London

Soulsound teamed up with D.A.S. Audio and Vortice AV to deliver a four-day seminar programme
that explored ‘Calibration & Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems’. The programme,
which is aimed at intermediate and experienced sound engineers, was held at The Crypt,
Christchurch Spitalfields, London.

Presented by experienced sound and system engineer, Merlijn van Veen, these seminars are
intended to remove the ‘magic’ surrounding sound systems. It provided participants with the
means and physical insight necessary to create predictable sound system designs, regardless of
brand and type of speaker, and then verify the results using the dual channel FFT analyser (SIM 3,
SMAART v7, SysTune, etc.).

Merlijn thoroughly investigated the complete transmission path from source to receiver in the
acoustical, electrical and psycho-acoustical domains. He explained: “After completion of the
seminar programme, sound engineers are able to provide themselves with the same reference
over and over again, like a painter who begins each painting with a blank canvas. The system
engineers are able to design a system that delivers the mixing position sound to the entire

Soulsound founder Darryn de la Soul adds: “We presented this seminar in London last year and it
was a huge success. It was great to see light bulbs switching on in people’s heads and
misconceptions being replaced with demonstrable fact.”

The ‘Calibration & Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems’ seminars took place 20-23
February 2017, between 9am and 6pm each day.

DAS Audio OVI 12 System

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D.A.S. launches this new coaxial system for special applications

D.A.S. announces the launch of the Ovi 12, a unique and versatile loudspeaker system that can be used in a multitude of special applications. The Ovi 12 can be mounted on walls, placed in ceiling structures, or suspended from high ceilings as a pendant speaker – all with the clarity and power of a true two-way full-range loudspeaker system.

The Ovi 12 features a 12" coaxial loudspeaker with a 300 W RMS power handling capacity housed in a structurally reinforced, light-weight polypropylene shell. The Ovi 12 is available in black or white and can be painted to meet design needs.

The 12MX coaxial loudspeaker delivers excellent speech intelligibility as well as full, rich music reproduction, offering a frequency range of 63 Hz to 20 kHz.

It is ideal for applications such as themed restaurants, night clubs, retail spaces, houses of worship, and convention facilities that require a visually discrete foreground music system capable of providing a prominent sound presence. A wide variety of accessories are available for easy installation.

LEAF Manchester

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Manchester's new LEAF Bar & Tea Shop fitted out with D.A.S. professional sound systems

The LEAF on Portland Street, which is a unique bar and tea shop located in the heart of Manchester, has quickly become one of the city’s most popular spots. Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood and set over 2 floors, the new LEAF Bar & Tea Shop is a relaxing and intimate space that brings the best food, tea, good times and music –complete with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems– to the city.

Bedfordshire-based We Know AV, with founder James O’Leary at the helm, were called in to provide a first-rate sound system for LEAF’s newest venture. We Know AV paired up with Vortice AV, the official D.A.S. Audio distributor in the United Kingdom, to supply the systems. James collaborated with LEAF’s own technical team from the outset with the support of Accord Audio to handle system adjustment and start up.

LEAF is home to seven different spaces that required superb sound, each with its own set of characteristics and requirements, and the sound team drew from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive catalogue of products to tailor the sound for each space.

James recommended D.A.S. Artec Series for the zones where music takes center stage, installing four Artec 510 two-way passive systems, ten Artec 308 two-way passive systems, and four Artec S15 subwoofers. Offering elegant design and exceptional performance, the D.A.S. Artec Series provides outstanding sound while blending seamlessly with the décor.

D.A.S. systems also served to provide flawless sound in the areas of the LEAF where music is more of a background element. The sound team opted for D.A.S. Audio’s Arco Series in these cases, deploying a total of five Arco 4T, eight Arco 24T, and two Arco 12 subwoofers.

Compact and lightweight, these two-way systems are made in highly resistant injection-molded ABS plastic for outstanding background/foreground applications.

The system was rounded out with a total of 17 D.A.S. Audio Ceiling Series speakers installed in LEAF’s access and service areas for musical continuity throughout the venue. All systems feature D.A.S. PA Series signal amplifiers, while two D.A.S. DSP-226 digital signal processors handle the control and management of the entire system.

D.A.S. Audio delivers for Freedom Sounds

USA - The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) is a Smithsonian Institution museum. Located on the National Mall, it has close to 37,000 objects in its collection related to such subjects as community, family, the arts, religion, civil rights, slavery, and segregation.

The museum opened 24 September 2016 in a ceremony led by U.S. President Barack Obama. As part of the grand opening festivities, the Freedom Sounds show - a concert featuring The Roots, Public Enemy, and Living Colour - took place before a huge audience. To provide sound reinforcement, loudspeakers from the Aero Series 2 and Road Series catalogues of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio were placed into service.

Audio & Light of Greensboro, NC, a full service A/V design, installation, and production company, was contracted to handle sound services for the event. Company president Jim Hoyle, who in addition to managing the company's activities, also served as the FOH tech on this show. He discussed the project and his experience with the D.A.S. Audio equipment, which included Aero 50, Aero 40A and Aero 20A line arrays, UX-221A powered subwoofers, and Road 12A powered stage monitors.

"The Freedom Sounds show was a concert that punctuated a weekend of D.C. celebrations commemorating the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture," Hoyle explained. "Our setup included 24 Aero 50 line array enclosures - flown 12 units each for the left and right hangs.

"For low frequency support, we used 36 UX-221A powered subwoofers. These were positioned in stacks of two, positioned just over 3 feet apart on the downstage edge of the stage. The Aero 50 line arrays were provided by Ruben Silva of DBS Sound out of Irwindale, CA. Ruben is a great guy and was a big help to us on this show."

"For out-fill," Hoyle continued, "we positioned 16 D.A.S. Aero 20A line array enclosures - with eight units for each of the two clusters. We also had a delay system, and this consisted of 16 D.A.S. Aero 40A loudspeakers. These were positioned in two hangs of eight enclosures that were flown on two TMD-560 Guil Towers, which were positioned behind the FOH tower.

"For front-fill, we deployed six D.A.S. Aero 20A boxes, and these were spread evenly across the front of the stage and positioned on top of the subs. Completing the setup, we used 20 of D.A.S. Audio's Road 12A stage monitors."

When working on a project of this magnitude, questions inevitably arise and, in this regard, Hoyle gives high marks for D.A.S. Audio's customer support services. "D.A.S. is very committed to their dealers and end users," he reports. "Roberto Almodovar and Carlos Henao from D.A.S. were both present at this event. This was obviously a high profile gig, but it's not unusual to have the D.A.S. staff at a show watching how we use the gear and asking questions about what we would like to see in the future. They offer lots of training opportunities and are always available to answer questions. D.A.S. is really dedicated to our success."

(Jim Evans)

PLASA Show 2016

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D.A.S. Audio joins forces with Vortice AV at PLASA Show 2016

D.A.S. Audio joined forces with Vortice AV, its exclusive distributor in the UK, to participate in the 39th edition of PLASA Show. The event –which presents ground-breaking technology and exciting new launches by the world's greatest designers and engineers to an international audience of pro audio, lighting, broadcast, AV and stage technology experts– was celebrated in the heart of West London at the Olympia with record-breaking exhibitor participation and attendance.

The D.A.S. Audio and Vortice AV booth showcased the Spanish manufacturer’s top products for both the fixed installation and live event markets. Jack Palacio, D.A.S. Audio’s EMEA Sales Director and Joel Damiano, Touring Support Engineer as well as Vortice AV’s Ian Goatcher, Andy Malyon and Simon Ryder were on hand to man the booth over the course of the three-day event.

Visitors to the booth had the chance to get a firsthand look at the Aero Series 2 line array systems for live events, the versatile Event Line Array systems, the Artec 300 Series for fixed installations and the portable Vantec cabinets. D.A.S. also unveiled its range of Sound Force products for the first time in the UK. Featuring the combined force of striking design and robust power, these state-of-the-art systems were designed for high-end clubs where exceptional sound is a must.

With live demo opportunities for the audio and lighting sectors, plus networking sessions, conferences, seminars and the much loved exhibition part of the show, this year’s PLASA Show was a successful event for both exhibitors and participants alike.

UK Debut For Sound Force Series

UK Debut For Sound Force Series of Loud Speakers 

A UK 1st the imposing Sound Force range of speakers will make there UK Debut at this Year Plasa 2106 at Olympia London 18-20th September

Items being displayed

  • SF-10
  • SF-12
  • SF-215
  • SF-30A

Come and see the latest high powered Sound Force Scalable systems on the Vortice AV Stand.

Featuring the ground breaking SF30 30 inch driver technology

SF-30A makes use of an innovative and unique transducer based on the patented M-Force® moving magnet linear motor structure. Unparalleled performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL are a few of the innovative features and improvements with respect to the conventional moving coil arrangement.

The motor system is driven by a ultra high power Class D amplifier module which is no less impressive than the motor design. Amazing figures in terms of both output voltage (310 Vpeak) and current capabilities (200 Apeak), the M-Drive® amplifier is capable of exploiting the full potential of the M-Force®. The DPC® (Differential Pressure Control) is a powerful active acoustic processing tool which controls and enhances the performance of the system.

Other products featuring on this years Plasa 2016 stand L10

  • Artec 300 series
  • Artec 500 series
  • Action series
  • Vantec series
  • Arco series
  • Event Line Array
  • Aero Line Array
  • LX Subwoofer series
  • DAS Net. Control system

Come and join us on stand L10 to see a truly remarkable  line up of state of the art products.